Ellsworth Kelly Windows

CAHIERS D'ART pays tribute to Ellsworth Kelly (1923-2015), one of the most important abstract artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, through an exhibition of collages and works on paper from the early 1950s. This exhibition, organized in collaboration with The Ellsworth Kelly Foundation and Matthew Marks Gallery, will open February 26th 2019 at the CAHIERS D'ART galleries on 14 and 15 rue du Dragon.


Ellsworth Kelly Windows

Cahiers d'Art presents a monograph dedicated to Ellsworth Kelly, co-edited by Centre Pompidou

Cahiers d'Art Revue N°1, 2012

The Cahiers d’Art revue has always been at the heart of Cahiers d’Art, and the re-launch of the revue in 2012 resurrects this tradition.

Cahiers d’Art Revue No. 1 Limited Edition

The Limited Edition of Issue N°1, 2012 replaces Ellsworth Kelly's Black Form I with White Form as its own special cover. Each Limited Edition has been signed by the artist, whose signature appears adjacent to Red Form for Cahiers d’Art (2012), a colour lithograph created specially by the artist on the occasion of the release of Issue No. 1.

75 numbered copies in English
75 numbered copies in French

Ellsworth Kelly

Written by Kelly scholar Yve-Alain Bois in direct collaboration with the artist, this comprehensive multivolume publication contains exhaustive documentation of each of Kelly’s paintings, sculptures, and reliefs.