Herbert Matter

Mobile in Motion Herbert Matter Calder

Mobile in Motion

When Herbert Matter photographs Alexander Calder’s mobiles and motorized sculptures, he really understands the true nature of  the artist’s works. He is using stroboscopic techniques and the result is a visual testimony of  the movements of each sculpture.


Herbert grasped the secret life of sculptural forms and not only when he was working with Alexander Calder. He would continue to explore related themes through his studies of Alberto Giacometti’s sculpture in the 1950s and 1960s, a project initiated by Pierre Matisse who had exhibited Matter’s photographs.” Jed Perl

Mobile in Motion, 1936. 6 gelatin silver prints, stamped and numbered 48.5 x 53.5 cm (each). Hanging Mobile, 1936, 1/6                                  

Hanging Mobile, 1936, 2/6.


Hanging Mobile, 1936, 3/6

Hanging Mobile, 1936, 4/6

Hanging Mobile, 1936, 5/6

Hanging Mobile, 1936, 6/6

Herbert Matter, Hanging Mobile, 1936, exhibited at Cahiers d’Art, 2012

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