”Cahiers d’Art has always uniquely combined publishing and exhibitions. The best artists come together to make the Revue and exquisite books with unparalleled artistic freedom. The publication is launched during an exhibition at the gallery, and original limited editions are created by the artists. We all witness art history in the making.”

Exhibition Maxwell Alexandre: Entrega: one planet. one health

Untitled, 2023. Oil on canvas. 19,5 x 34 cm

Untitled, 2023. Oil on canvas. 190 x 205 cm

Fernand Leger & Cahiers d’Art

Photo : Fernand Léger and Christian Zervos in Léger’s workshop 86 rue Notre-Dame-des-champs, Paris 1929. Photograph by Georges Allié. Courtesy Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Fonds Cahiers d’Art.

Fernand Léger collaborated with Cahiers d’Art continuously throughout his lifetime, featuring in over 19 issues of the Revue, which closely tracked the developments in his practice, career, and philosophy. He was the subject of a very important publication by Cahiers d’Art, a monograph of his works from 1905 to 1952 by Christian Zervos, edited in 1952.

A selection of Cahiers d’art 1926-1960

The passion of Christian Zervos, the creator of Cahiers d’Art, for typography makes the Revue highly appreciated by graphic designers for its modern layout and its brightly-colored covers.

Cahiers d’art and Thomas Schütte

NEW PUBLICATION – Thomas Schütte

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Cahiers d’Art presents a new collaboration with German artist Thomas Schütte. The book features his series Old Friends Revisited, composed of 27 ceramic heads, each created in three unique casts, with different colors and glazes. The series is presented in its entirety and recounts the genesis of this masterly ensemble. (Pages : 128, illustrations : 180. ISBN : 978-2-85117-327-0. Dimensions : 22.5 × 32 cm. Bilingual : English / German)