La Revue Limited Edition — Ai Weiwei

This Cahiers d’Art Limited Edition “Brain Inflation”, 2019 by Ai Weiwei is a reproduction of the MRI scan of Ai Weiwei’s skull that displays the brain hemorrhage caused by police brutality following the artist’s investigation into the number of victims of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.
Edition of 175, signed & numbered.

Accompanied by a deluxe copy of the English ‘Ai Weiwei’ Revue, in a specially designed blue cloth presentation box.
This Cahiers d’Art Revue was created to accompany Ai Weiwei’s exhibition “The Mueller Report / Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen” at Cahiers d’Art, Paris, includes a long interview with Hans Ulrich Obrist on the preservation of heritage, nature and poetry; a series of unpublished works on paper from 1991, made with rust; an essay by art historian Ingrid D. Rowland on Ai Weiwei and archeology; an article on Chinese antiquities from Cahiers d’Art’s archives; a presentation of the most beautiful pieces from the superb collection of ancient jades and textiles collected by Ai Weiwei; a tribute to Ai Weiwei’s father, the celebrated writer Ai Qing (1910-1996), Chinese translator of the poet Émile Verhaeren; a text by the distinguished collector Uli Sigg; and a visual description of A Tree, the latest extensive project of Ai Weiwei in the Amazon rainforest.
Also featured is a selection of paintings by Swedish artist Andreas Eriksson, a project by Japanese architect Junya Ishigami, and the latest glass works by Iranian artist Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, who died in the spring of 2019.

“Brain inflation” has been signed at Cahiers d’art by Ai Weiwei the day of the opening of the exhibitions “The Mueller report” and “Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen”.

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Limited edition of the issue of Cahiers d’Art Revue devoted to Ai Weiwei

Published to accompany his 2019 exhibition at Galerie Cahiers d’Art, is housed in a blue cloth presentation box containing a print of Brain Inflation (2009), numbered and signed by the artist.