Memories of Snow

27 February – 13 June 2020

Cahiers d’Art presents Memories of Snow, a solo show by Andreas Eriksson in both galleries of Cahiers d’Art. On exhibit at 14, rue du Dragon are small, poetic, and powerful oil and acrylic paintings from 2019, the result of a sustained investigation into his own reactions to the natural world that surrounds him. Also on view are two cast bronze sculptures and “Icescraper” a sculpture of cast graphite. A large woodblock print, “Landscape,” also hangs in the gallery. Eriksson’s artistic practice is highly expansive, encompassing a wide range of different media, including painting, photography, sculpture and installation. The prints installed at 15 rue du Dragon include monotypes, woodblocks, and prints made with embossed black ink.

Andreas Eriksson presenting his works


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