Cildo Meireless Revue Cahiers d'art

Cahiers d’Art is proud to present the latest issue of its historic Revue in homage to Cildo Meireles.

A resplendent appraisal of the work of Brazilian artist, the issue features previously-unpublished texts and exquisitely-printed plates of his installations, sculptures, and a selection of rarely-shown drawings.

Edited in collaboration with the acclaimed Brazilian conceptual artist, installation artist, and sculptor, this issue of the Revue explores various dimensions of Meireles’ work, including the question of origin and territory as it is linked to the indigenous universe; the question of architecture, place and scale; and the relation between object and body.

The volume also analyzes, through Meireles’ reflections in previously-unpublished texts and notes, the synesthetic aspect of his work, and his particular exploration of language.

Photographer Claudia Andujar, architect Angelo Bucci, and painter Luchita Hurtado are also featured in the edition. 

The issue launches with an accompanying exhibition by Cildo Meireles.


PUBLISHED in June 2022 /175 pages/ 24.5 cm x 31.5 cm / 165 ILLUSTRATIONS /available in English and French

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