Arthur Jafa

This issue of our historic revue is curated by American contemporary artist Arthur Jafa.

Arthur Jafa invited artists Mark Leckey, Dana Hoey, Torkwase Dyson, Frida Orupabo and Rashaad Newsome to engage in in-depth conversations on their artistic practice, race, digital culture among many other topics accompanied by a selection of their work. The issue also features excerpts from Arthur Jafa’s notebooks containing photomontages that he has been keeping since the 1990s alongside new work and text by the artist as well as by photographer Man Ray and Saidiya Hartman, Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, as well as the short story Milk of Paradise by New Wave science fiction author James Tiptree Jr.


Aporias and radiance – Arthur Jafa p.6
In conversation with Marc Leckey p.12
Notebooks – Arthur Jafa p.28
On photographic realism – Man Ray p.72
In conversation with Dana Hoey p.76
Near a church at dusk – Saidiya Hartman p.102
In conversation with Torkwase Dyson p.106
In conversation with Frida Orupabo p.124
In conversation with Rashaad Newsome p.142
The milk of paradise – James Tiptree Jr. p.158



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Published in 2020. 172 pages with 150 illustrations. Dimensions: 24,5 cm x 31,5 cm. The Softcover is wrapped in kraft paper, in cardboard presentation box. It is available in English only