Cahiers d’Art examines the relationship between art and poetry through the exhibition UT PICTURA POESIS. In association with the collective Thanks for Nothing, this exhibition aims to affirm the need to re-enchant the world via poetry. Particularly in these times of crisis, the place of poetry in art and in life is more important than ever.

Inspired by the artist, poet and friend of Cahiers d’Art John Giorno, founder of the Giorno Poetry Systems in 1965, a non-profit, artist collective and record label created with the goal of connecting poetry to new audiences, and Dial-A-Poem in 1968, which provided anyone who wished, a platform to listen to poetry readings over the phone, the exhibition UT PICTURA POESIS will navigate between various mediums, periods and places to identify the relationship they each have with poetry. The entirely virtual exhibition UT PICTURA POESIS, named in reference to the eponymous work of Adel Abdessemed, shows the work of artists from various backgrounds and generations, whose artistic production, whether it be abstract, textual or sonorous, present a strong poetic nature. The exhibition is comprised of prints by Giorno, as well as works by Lee Ufan, Cy Twombly, Carl Andre, William Burroughs, Ed Ruscha and Lawrence Weiner, among others. Additionally, a series of poetry readings has been organized by Bob Holman and will take place throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Done in partnership with Thanks for Nothing, a Paris based organization, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to both La Maison des Femmes 93 and Dire Contro la Violenza, two non-profit associations which advocate for women’s rights.