Cahiers d’Art celebrates the 100th issue of the Cahiers d’Art revue since its beginnings in 1926, with a selection of Hiroshi Sugimoto’s silver gelatin photographs from his latest and unreleased “Pre-Photography Time-Recording Devices” and “Early Modern” series, published exclusively for the exhibition. 

For this celebratory issue, Sugimoto attempts to imagine the dissolutions of our culture, observing that “whatever begins must also come to an end.” He takes a look back at some cultural masterpieces from the early days of modern art, including Duchamp, Brancusi, Ernst and Picasso, in order to imagine various possible endings of our culture. He concludes his investigation by exploring the shapes of ancient organisms to imagine how modern times would look when fossilized. The issue also includes an interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Ulf Linde’s exploration of Duchamp’s œuvre, images of Brancusi’s work, and a text by surrealist Roger Vitrac. 

The special edition of the issue, limited to 25 copies, is presented in an embossed yellow linen box designed by the artist and includes In Praise of Shadow 980906, an acetate and lithograph print from the Pre-Photography Time-Recording Devices series created especially for this issue, and signed and numbered by the artist.  Sugimoto’s photograph of Marcel Duchamp’s Bibyble Wheel 2014 is the special cover., unique to the limited edition.