Cahiers d’Art presents a special exhibition of Rosemarie Trockel’s work in its gallery spaces at 14 and 15 rue du Dragon in Paris, on view from March 28 -May 24, 2014. The exhibition features fifteen mixed media works, including the artist’s latest works made from stretched black wool. In these black monochrome works, the yarn material is placed like a brushstroke on the canvas.

Trockel stands apart among contemporary artists working today through her deep engagement with materials and her unique use of these materials in unconventional ways. In other examples of work in this exhibition, the artist combines Acrystal, a water-based resin, that she combines with plexiglass, to produce detailed shapes. Trockel’s combination of materials as disparate as casts of meat, digital prints and crystal, dislodge the materials from their usual meanings. 

The exhibition also features a series of prints and collages by the artist, reinforcing an important theme of threads and lines and continuing Trockel’s reference to different fragments of the human body.  

The second issue of the newly reanimated Cahiers d’Art revue, showcasing Trockel’s work is released for the exhibition, with Trockel’s 2013 piece, Clock Owner, distinguishing the cover.  Her ceramic sculptures, deemed by critic Roberta Smith as “some of the best being made anywhere” feature prominently in this edition.  In the issue, Hans Ultich Obrist edits a fascinating chronology of Trockel’s artwork titles from 1970 to 2013, and writers Joan Simon and Brigid Doherty contribute thoughtful texts. A special signed and numbered limited edition of the revue, with “Squeezable 2014,” a vinyl print bound into each issue, is presented in a silk-screened Plexiglas box designed by the artist . The work, created for the issue, may be peeled off and formed by the reader into a “make your own” sculpture.