Cahiers d’Art is thrilled to present Inserted Between The Painted Glass, a solo exhibition of the artist Rosa Barba across both galleries at 14 and 15 rue du Dragon from 5 April to 18 May 2024. This exhibition of new sculptural works by the artist coincides with the launch of a new series of prints by Rosa Barba published by, and only available through Cahiers d’Art; featuring two distinct series of unique Monoprints and two Limited Edition print series. 

After spending time among the archives of Cahiers d’Art, Rosa Barba drew inspiration from the original copper printing plates featuring images and text used in the production of the original Cahiers d’Art Revues dating back to 1926-1960, with a particular interest in /focus on Pablo Picasso’s copper plates portraying Dora Maar. Rosa Barba synthesizes these archival elements with motifs from her own works, along with exploring the print medium and technique to offer a unique insight into her creative process.

Rosa Barba’s artistic practice navigates between various dichotomies, exploring themes of permanence versus impermanence, reality versus fiction, and the interplay of language and time. Through films, sculptures, installations, and performances, she investigates how space is shaped by temporal and linguistic constructs, challenging linear narratives and traditional semiotics. The artist deconstructs cinematic elements to examine the intersections of physical materials like projectors and celluloid with abstract concepts like time, space, and sound. Her work often focuses on natural landscapes and human interventions, blurring the lines between historical record, personal narrative, and artistic representation. 

Installation views, Rosa Barba: Inserted Between The Painted Glass, 2024, Courtesy of the artist and Cahiers d’Art, Photos: Studio Shapiro


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