Presenting sculptures by Inge Mahn spanning from 1987 to 2015, the exhibition follows the publication of Mahn’s work in the Revue Cahiers d’Art 2013.

Her sculptures, made of white plaster with an informal surface and shape and with a wooden and metal structure, often recall well known-objects and forms taken from everyday-life. The artist questions the objects by removing their familiar identity or utility thus situating them in a new environment in which the viewer rediscovers the objects. In an interview with the artist, Harald Szeemann writes “Your work is … very real, very tactile, very terre à terre, gauche and, precisely because of this, impressive. You also feel very strongly the energy of getting immersed into something. Everything ready-made and also through individual elements being isolated from their context – recede in view of this sculptural assertion in space”.

“The sculpture should be experienceable. It is important that the possible use is not excluded even that the things are not for use. They are made of plaster and are not very welcoming, seem cold, stiff and constructed. They are never copies of existing forms though but are always changed forms, results, sums of experienced objects”

Inge Mahn


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