Robert Longo

This work marks a new development in Longo’s research into intervention on the original work.

This very large format archival pigment print, limited to 3 copies, was made by Robert Longo on Photo Rag Ultra Smooth paper. 

Imposing bands of black charcoal fracture Picasso’s already fragmented composition, giving free rein to any interpretation. Robert Longo explains, “I thought of old film strips and their black and white glow, the bars of a prison, or the writing of secret correspondence”. According to the artist, it would be a meditation on the difference in meaning between “looking” and “seeing”.

Guernica Redacted (After Picasso’s Guernica, 1937), 2016. Archival Pigment print Signed and numbered, Edition of 3. 152 x 330 cm (59 7/8 x 129 7/8 in)


“When I observed the work closely, I wanted to discover what was hidden behind these gigantic black stripes, if there was another world beyond this emptiness. I would have liked to cross the work to discover why not Picasso himself giving life to Guernica.”

Lâm-Gilles Gascuena

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