Ever Goya — The Print Portfolio, 2021

Cahiers d’Art is proud to present Ever Goya — The Print Portfolio, in collaboration with Fondation Beyeler.

Twenty-one artists were invited to pay homage to Goya: Fernando Arrabal, Miquel Barceló, Beatriz González, Jenny Holzer, Cristina Iglesias, Anne Imhof, Alfredo Jaar, Koo Jeong A, Alexander Kluge, Robert Longo, Cildo Meireles, Precious Okoyomon, Philippe Parreno, Raymond Pettibon, Elena Del Rivero, Rachel Rose, Thomas Schütte, Santiago Sierra, Rosemarie Trockel, Luc Tuymans, and Adrián Villar Rojas.

The prints they have created weave a contemporary and captivating dialogue with the Spanish master.

The variety of contributions speaks of Goya as an artists’ artist. Goya’s different phases, the periods he went through thus serve as so many different channels of inspiration for artists today. Throughout Goya’s work, there recur themes of the magical and the supernatural, the ambiguous and the ritual. The enigmatic nature of Goya’s subject matter means that Goya can be revisited over and over again, and something new can be discovered each time. Within Goya, there are many Goyas.

Each portfolio consists of twenty-one prints in a limited edition of one hundred and fifty (+ five APs and forty-five HCs).

All prints are signed, three are stamped by the artists, and all are numbered. Each print comes in a Cristal de Roche sleeve.

The prints are resting in a custom-made box, which is cloth-bound in Marais Mocca.