Cahiers d’Art, 1936, 11th year, n°1-2

This very rare issue is devoted to the surrealist object and its different approaches. It includes the famous cover “Coeurs Volants” by Marcel Duchamp, produced especially for the review at the request of Gabrielle Buffet, representing a collage of two paper hearts, red and blue. It is notably composed of the following texts : “Crisis of the object” by Breton, “The habit of the tropics” by Eluard, “Beware of household objects” by Claude Cahun, “Honor to the object!” by Dali, and a text by Hans Bellmer, but also numerous photographic reproductions of Man Ray, Max Ernst, Dominguez and of course Duchamp, including the illustration “Verre de Bohème”, laminated reproduction of the rotorelief. This issue is one of the most legendary of the revue Cahiers d’Art.

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