Rosa Barba

Monoprints & Limited Editions

Born in Italy in 1972 and currently based in Berlin, Rosa Barba’s artistic practice is deeply rooted in her exploration of cinema as a medium and its relationship to memory and history.

Rosa Barba is a contemporary artist whose work transcends conventional boundaries, weaving together elements of sculpture, film, and installation to create immersive experiences that challenge our perceptions of time, space, and narrative.

One of the defining characteristics of Barba’s work is her innovative use of film as a sculptural material. She often manipulates celluloid strips, shaping them into intricate forms that evoke landscapes or architectural structures. Through this process, she transforms the traditional two-dimensional medium of film into a three-dimensional object, blurring the lines between sculpture and cinema.

Barba’s installations are meticulously crafted environments that invite viewers to engage with her films in a spatial context. By controlling aspects such as lighting, sound, and the arrangement of objects, she creates immersive settings that heighten the emotional impact of her work. Viewers are encouraged to move through these environments, exploring different perspectives and uncovering new layers of meaning.

Rosa Barba’s exploration of film as a sculptural medium extends beyond installations and into the realm of prints and publications. 

Her collaboration with Cahiers d’Art has resulted in the creation of a new series of monoprints and two limited edition prints that offer a unique perspective on her artistic practice while paying homage to the history of Cahiers d’Art.

One of the series of monoprints pays homage to the enigmatic and influential artist and photographer Dora Maar, in particular, a portrait series created by Pablo Picasso which utilises an ancient technique called the verre cliché technique.

Central to this collaboration is Cahiers d’Art’s archive of materials related to all kind of printing material like wood and copper plates to illustrate Picasso and Maar’s collaboration in the 1930s.

A second series of monoprints plays further with archival material and the artist own practice exploring the possibilities of printmaking.


The prints created by Rosa Barba capture the essence of Barba’s cinematic vision, translating her intricate sculptural forms and experimental narratives into two-dimensional works of art.

Through a combination of several printmaking techniques Barba’s prints retain the tactile quality and textural richness of her sculptural work, while also exploring new possibilities afforded by the medium.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including music, art history, literature and philosophy her prints offer a multi-layered experience that rewards close examination and contemplation.

Cahiers d’Art’s collaboration with Rosa Barba reflects our commitment to showcasing innovative contemporary art and providing artists with a platform to experiment and push the boundaries of their practice. By bringing Barba’s unique vision to a wider audience through the medium of print, Cahiers d’Art continues its legacy of supporting groundbreaking artists and fostering creative dialogue within the art world.

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