Spencer Sweeney | The Grey Leg
19 APRIL - 31 July, 2016

Artist, club owner, musician, curator and DJ, Spencer Sweeney moves across genres and styles within visual art, music and performance. This multifaceted approach has made Sweeney’s versatile body of work prominent in the New York art and music scene, since his emergence in the late 1990s.

As portraits and reflections of downtown bohemia, Sweeney’s paintings and drawings depict faces and figures that evoke a wide range of visceral emotion, from bliss to melancholy, cynicism to hope. In explosive distortions of painted marks and vibrating palettes of color, these works shift rapidly between artistic methods and mediums. Pushing formalities aside to channel a natural flow of creativity, Sweeney’s painted subjects vibrate with a psychedelic spirit that draws attention to the parallels between internal energy and public persona.